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Global Development Engineering Program(GDEP)
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) aims to be an international applied research university for technology innovation and industry application. The goal of Taiwan Tech is to innovate and develop applied technology, and to cultivate students with global competence for technology management. Taiwan Tech begins the Global Development Engineering Program (GDEP) from the 2018 academic year. This program includes mechanical engineering track and materials engineering track, and ten students will be recruited from each track. 
1. Both Mandarin and English are used for instructions in this small scale class, and the percentage of using English in curriculum will be adjusted each year. 
2. Japanese lessons are required. The students are required to have two international languages skills, i.e., Japanese and English, before they graduate. 
3. In addition to regular specialized curriculum, this program also includes off-campus internship, emphasizing operational practice and cross-national special projects. 
4. During August and September each year, relevant courses are taught in English in Taiwan Tech by the professors from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech).
In correspondence with the global trend and for the cultivation of cross-national competent students, Taiwan Tech and Tokyo Tech are in cooperation for a united educational project to cultivate students with excellent academic performance. During the school period, students with excellent performance can 
1. complete bachelor’s degree in engineering within 3-4 years. 
2. complete bachelor’s degree and master’s degree within 4-5 years.
3. visit Tokyo Tech and participate a special project. 
Teaching objectives 
1. The first objective is to cultivate the students’ ability to independently complete the work, to effectively communicate with cross-national teams in cooperation, and to develop their ability to complete English reports and oral presentations.
2. The second objective is to develop the students’ engineering problem-solving ability with their knowledge in math, science, and engineering. 
3. The third objective is to develop the students’ ability in using the skills, strategies, and instruments required in engineering practice.